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    Is it easy to be young?
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    Aliya Mukhamedyanova (Salavat, Bashkortostan)

    Youth is the time when a person is trying to find his place in the world, and during the search he or she comes across different problems which are as important as those of the adults. The youth of the twenty-first century face ahnost the same problems, which were acute to their parents when they were young.

    One of them is unemployment. It is the condition of a person who is able to work, who is actively searching a job, but he is unable to find it. It is important to note, that a person should be an active member of the labour force and he should be in search of work not to become unemployed. What about unemployment in Russia?

    The number of the young people looking for jobs is constantly increasing. The youth are searching jobs not only for the sake of earning money, but they want to be independent fi-om their parents. Moreover, a job gives the young people chance to adjust themselves to the real Ufe of adults and stir their ambitions. Today some of school-leavers try to find a job without getting higher education. Unfortunately, they can be only part-time workers. In general, their work is not welcomed. Very often preference is given to educated people.

               Is it easy to find a job for graduates? It depends upon the abihty of a person to present himself, his quaUfication and an element of luck which helps him to find a job. Sometimes some graduates are overquahficated for the jobs offered them; but if the person is persistent, he will always find the job he is looking for. Unfortunately, not all required work is well paid. Underpayment can also be regarded as a kind of unemployment. It is easier to find a job for a student or a graduate than for a school - leaver.

    To my mind, everybody should take a graduation, because it is difficult to find any job without any education. Everyone should know his future profession from the early age and try to become the best worker. Of courses, if he wants to get a job he should be well educated. I want to tell about my girl -fiiends Masha and Lena. Both of them finished school with good marks. Masha did not want to study anywhere, so she began to look for a job. At first, Masha couldn't find any job because she had no special education. It was difficuh to her to work out. Fortunately, she found a job; she got fixed up as a shop assistant. Some time later, her employer told her to enter any college or university or she would not get much money. Some young people think that they can take a job and earn a lot of money without education. The youth do not like to study, they are lazy and, of course, they are unemployed.

    The other fiiend, Lena, continued her study at the University in Ufa. She learnt foreign languages at the university. She visited Germany while she was studying. She did her practical work there; Lena taught Endlish to the German children and showed them round her native land. After graduating the university, she found a good job as she took part in different competitions and everybody knew her. Lena began to work at school in Ufa. Then she became a headmaster at this school. Lena continues to study and takes part in different conferences and competitions.

    This year I am graduating from Salavat Teacher Training college. I realize how it will be difficuh for me to find a good job at today's educational market. There are a lot of skilled workers and the employer will take the best one. Therefore, I will make every effort to get a good job and I hope that my diligence, teaching diploma and achievements in different Competitions such as the Russian olympiad Eidos and the certificate of the Russain-American project International Composition Class will help me in searching a job. Finally, I will get a good work place and I will continue my study at the Bashkir State Pedagogical University in Ufa.

            In conclusion, I would like to say if a person gets education, he can find a job and if he does not have any work by his profession, he can train for a new profession and get any other job. It depends on his desire and resolution. To my mind, people should be more pohable and versatile to be successful in today's fast-moving world. Therefore, if you have enough education, you can find a good and well-paid job.
    Nomination: Essay | Add: DimE (22.03.2010)
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    2 Nadin  
    I agree with you. Formation plays a huge role in our life, but in my opinion unemployment cuts desire to study. There is no work-what study for? This problem faces not only youth but also adult generation. I hope in the future anybody from us will not face with it.

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    1 Irinka  
    That is true that nowadays it is much easier to find well-paid job if you have higher education. And the example shown in the essay proves it. Iit's good that you are going to continue your education while working. Aliya I wish you succes in finishing your college and hope that you'll find a good job.

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