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    Is it easy to be young?
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    Rac Ivan (Nitra, Slovakia)

    Currently, the modern trend of young people prefer partnership before the marriage. It is much easier for them to live with a partner, respectively girlfriend in a relationship without any commitments, such as family, children, property.

    It is more easily to live in a relationship, which is not binding as marriage. It is a relationship based on mutual trust, love, but on the other hand a relationship, which was at least a few decades ago condemnable in our society. Live with a woman / man into a relationship, that is not enclosed in front of God, or is not seal official power, had not in the past of such a privileged position how it is now. Today in our society is increasingly favored this relationship. Young people have, in my opinion, other values, as had our parents, grandparents. Today their primary objective is to take care of their career, acquire property, build a house, buy apartment and on the last place in the value system is to have a child with girlfriend, create relationship and live in a harmonious family.

    I am not saying that in our society there are no young people, who do not have interest in marriage. There are also those, who prefer material safety future family, and existence of the family itself.

    With the modernization of the family, respectively the partnership is also increasing its intimacy. Today, the family is considered a private institution, which is virtually closed for the public eyes and ears. The family very often  is the place where the tensions increase, the stress is enlarged and the problems are solved. The problems are addressed not only in a constructive way, but very often end with violence. The violence has become a typical reaction of family life.

    When we talk about violence in the family, we mean primarily the violence being committed by the men against women in intimate partnership. This "problem" occurs in all types of families, regardless of their substantial safety, affecting all social measures of our society. It is not a single act, but a long term process with its phases.

    In Slovak Republic, the issue of violence against women became a public issue after the collapse of communism, in early 1990-s. The first representative research on this topic was carried out in 1997. The United States addressed this issue already in the 1970-s. It was not addressed by experts as might be expected, but the women themselves - the victims started to speak.

    The topic of violence is now becoming very popular. People reading articles and stories of interesting issues are rather full of aggression and violence. This topic is not only popular but also very sensitive. It is difficult to consider this issue without personal involvement, without the surrender of all possible and available forces to prevent this phenomenon.

    Even my mission became to help victims of violence, primarily woman, that suffer violence from their partner, respectively man. Even for me – a young man  this topic is very interesting and I am dedicated to it.  A lot of young women, who enter into relationship with partners live life full of helplessness, hopelessness.

    Violence is the outcome of frustrated young people, who lost their jobs, have no sufficient income to ensure the basic needs of families. Ironically succumb to addiction, the family is either broken up, or remain, but at the expense of harmonious coexistence.

     I carried out a research on violence against women in. If we talk about violence in intimate relation, is generally about women in middle ages. During my research, I met a woman, who was only 16 years old when her partner began to beat her up. Many of the women in the research were tortured for a long time. The research had 40 - 50 years old women, who lived in a violent relationship, which lasted for more than twenty years.

    All these women were young. Every woman desires to live without violence in the family, in a family full of harmony, love and understanding. This is the dream of every young human ... The question is: "Is it easy to be a young person?”

            The answer is in the changed values for young people. They have to take care of themselves at first, to ensure the physical health, than maybe find a partner/girlfriend, and if they seriously think can marry. The problems of the young people do not end. If a man accidentally loses his job defeating the frustration and the only solution of the problems are addictions, the violence is last step towards finishing the beautiful story between  two young  people – their love in real life
    Nomination: Essay | Add: DimE (15.03.2010)
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    1 Natasha  
    This is what I often think of - what makes a woman live with the man who tortures her? Why don't they leave even if there is a place for them to stay?

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