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    Is it easy to be young?
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    Tulyabaeva Gulnaz (Salavat Bashkortostan)

    This question is actual at all times and centuries. Youth is the best part of our lives when we really can enjoy life but I think it isn't easy to be young and to be understood today. Sometimes it is easy but sometimes it is not. Why?

    It is easy because when you are a child, you do not worry about your future. Your childhood is careless – you study, grow up and get pleasure from everything; but when you become older, you should think about future and how to organize your life. Of course, you understand that it is not simple and you have a lot of problems and you try to run away from them, but it is not way out. You can always make a proper decision in any difficult situation.

    I want to tell about the family of my grandparents whose life may be an example of firmness and bravery. They were born in a little house in the village of Kashkar, Republic of Bashkortostan. At that time the life was very difficult and sometimes my grandparents could die from hunger. They were eighteen years old when the Great Patriotic War broke out. My grandfather went to the war and served in platoon. The grandmother worked at one of the military factories. All the women, children and elderly people worked from morning till night. The grandfather was a very courageous man and he returned from the war with medals and orders. After the war my grandparents fell ill very heavily but they continued working because they had eight children, six daughters and two sons. Their life was very difficult. Later my grandfather died from a heavy illness. The grandmother had been left alone with eight little children. She was courageous and strong; she went on working for the sake of her children. My grandmother was very sick. My mother entered a medical college to treat her from the disease but it did not help so my grandmother died from heavy illness too. I want to say that the life of my grandparents was very difficult and they will be always an example of bravery and firmness.

    When you are young, you mostly depend on your parents so one of the most important problems among the young people is the relationship between fathers and sons. Children are directed to the right way by their parents and teachers who help them to put a purpose and achieve success in the life. It's very difficult to find understanding with older people in some problems. Their opinions and ours aren't the same. All young people want to be independent; they want their parents to listen to their opinion and not to interfere in their private life. Some parents neglect their children, because they can’t find a common language with each other. Luckily, I had never been in that situation. I think we should always listen to our parents’ advice. My parents always help me in my activities and studying. I love my parents very much and I can hardly remember any quarrel with them. I live and study in Salavat and it takes me six hours of going by bus to get my native village Buribai, that is why I miss my parents so much that I look forward to the day when I come back home for the weekend .

    I have a girlfriend who constantly scolds with her parents. I do not understand how they find a cause for a quarrel. It is important to understand and realize that our parents want to help us, they cannot calmly make light of our mistakes. I think they love their children and they do not relate to their children with indifference.

    There are many other problems which are common for all young people, for example: how to spend their free time, how to deal with friends, what to do after finishing school, how to choose a future career. So when you leave school you understand that the time of your independent life and the beginning of more serious examination of your abilities and character have come. You also understand that you’ll have to do everything yourself, and to «fight» for better life. The first problem that young people meet is choosing their future profession; it means that they have to choose the future of their lives. It's not an easy task to make the right choice of a job. You know, little children have a lot of dreams about their future: some of them want to become a superman, the others-a policeman or a doctor… It’s very easy they think, but when they become older they begin to realize that they should be well-educated and well-informed to become professional. That’s why I think it’s very important to have a good education at school. And if you work hard everything will be OK. I am very happy that after finishing my school I entered Salavat Teacher Training College. I am sure that teaching is my vocation because I want to teach schoolchildren to think, make proper decisions and cope with difficulties. I want to work as a teacher for the whole life. I am sure my future profession is very wonderful and rewarding but I am aware of difficulties awaiting young teachers.

          Teenagers have psychological problems which can be explained by their psychological instability. These problems are quite serious and they can’t be considered as trifles. This is the reason of their strange and sometimes aggressive behavior. Their aggression can be aimed at their friends, teachers, parents and people around them. If these problems aren’t regulated by experienced specialists, psychologists or teachers they can lead to more serious problems. The role of teachers in children’s upbringing is difficult to overestimate and I am fully aware of my responsibility. I will do my best to help my students to solve their problems and to become a real friend for them.
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